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June 24, 4087

Last night I observed Damek and Kaliq argue and wrestle in the mud.  They were arguing once again over Tilden’s death and what we should do with the construct baby.  I’m glad Kaliq  was finally doing the right thing by fighting for this boy’s life.  Although he’s not comfortable with the child, he at least has enough sense not to poison.  Resisters who are more like Damek and Tilden get caught up too easily in their barbaric ways.  They are too willing to waste everything by living in a moment of passion or fear.

I think my next group of men will be more methodical in their work such as Kaliq and Galt are.  These two at least treat the construct child with some dignity.  Kaliq still carries the poor thing like a rag doll but wants it very much alive- for our purpose.  Galt was looking after it for a short time, but something’s changed and now he neglects it completely.  I didn’t want to have to get involved, when he resembles Castillo so much, but now he’s growing on me.  The more alone he becomes is the more drawn I feel to this little thing.  Sometimes it even feels as if I were  watching my own son be treated as a lifeless thing.

We are currently headed northwest towards Hillman.  We should reach it by tomorrow and there we can finally sell off the poor little guy.  He can have a family to take care of him, we can get a woman, and be done with this very bizarre job.

I just wish he didn’t resemble my Castillo…

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