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Matrimony and Murder

In Frankenstein, the threat of, “I shall be with you on your wedding night” is made to Victor by his demon.  In other words, the demon plans to kill Elizabeth Lavenza on the night of her long-awaited marriage to Victor.  This idea of murder on the night of matrimony is still a relevant twist in plots of today’s media.  I briefly want to compare the murderous demon of Frankenstein to Rose, the jealous sister in So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Within the film, the sister of the bride, Rose is much like the demon of Frankenstein.  She is deemed unattractive to society, causing her to be neglected, and to go mad with jealousy from her sister’s successful love life.  Eventually she, like the demon, seeks revenge on those close to her.  Rose shares a blood bond with her sister similar to the paternal nature of Frankenstein and his demon.  These familial bonds cannot ever be broken by the laws of nature.  Therefore, the jealous characters seek out to hurt those who cannot easily escape them.

Much like the threat of the demon, the warning on the dvd case playfully reads, “The honeymoon was killer.” Similar in their executions, these two outcasts commit their crimes on the night of the wedding, which is the honeymoon.  Successfully, these two prey on the lovers of those family members in which they seek to emotionally destroy.

Can you think of any other stories that involve murder on the night of matrimony?

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